3 Ways to Search for the Perfect Home on the 8z HomeSpotter App

If you’ve ever been searching for a home, then you know there are certain factors that mean a lot to your home search. Besides price, a home’s location, as well as visual appearance rank high for most home buyers. Fortunately for users of the 8z HomeSpotter app, there is an easy way to browse homes whether they’re browsing by price, location, or aesthetics.


The ‘map view’ is the perfect way to browse real estate listings when location is key to your home search. The map view allows you to zoom in and zoom out to get a view of homes for sale right on the map. If you have geographic boundaries that you want to focus your real estate search, you can draw your search perimeter using your iPhone or iPad. The feature will be coming out soon for Android devices.

List / Gallery

The ‘list view’ is found on smartphones, and the ‘gallery view’ is found on tablets. This view is best for the visual home shopper to find that home with the perfect style, without having to click into each listing. Regardless of what device you’re using, when in this view, you can scroll through the photos for a listing first, then click in for more information if you find one you fancy!


This HomeSpotter view is all about location! If you’re out exploring neighborhoods, and find a pocket of town that looks idyllic, you can start searching for nearby homes for sale with the HomeSpotter tool. This view integrates with your phone’s GPS. You can preview the homes by swiping through the results as you rotate in a circle, identifying homes in relation to you. Get directions to listings by clicking into the listing, and clicking the icon for directions!

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The 8z HomeSpotter App not only provides the easiest way to browse real estate from your favorite mobile device, it is powered by the 8z Real Estate team. If at any point you have questions about your home search, the home buying process, or are ready for a local 8z Realtor to move your search forward, we’re there. Just click on this icon for assistance from within the mobile app!