8z Real Estate Develops Improved Version of Internal Mobile App, 8z Checkin

(Boulder, Colo., June 22, 2014) – 8z Real Estate recently released the 2.0 version of their “8z Checkin” mobile app in May of 2014, a tool to empower 8z brokers to write real estate content on the go.  Content marketing is a great way to be found on the internet, yet many brokers have trouble making time to create really great content.  The original ambition to create the “8z Checkin” mobile app started at a one day hackathon in 2012, to empower 8z brokers to easily write home reviews and provide their on the ground real estate insights. The first version was released in 2013, led by Dan Moore, Director of Technology at 8z Real Estate.

Moore explains that the 8z Checkin app “allows brokers to share their ‘on the street’ real estate knowledge. By having an app that lives where brokers live, on the smartphone, makes content creation crazy easy – snap a photo, assign some ratings, and write a sentence or two of commentary, while sitting in the car after a showing.”  8z brokers are busy, full time brokers, averaging 25.2 sides of real estate sold per year.  The investment to improve the “8z Checkin” app allows 8z brokers to quickly share their insights about the properties that they toured, and will help 8z brokers further establish themselves as neighborhood experts by creating local micro content easily.

The property reviews made through the 8z Checkin app populates 8z Real Estate’s blog located at pulse.8z.com.

The 2.0 version of 8z Checkin was released with a new interface and added functionality for 8z brokers to share their insights.   As Moore explains, “version 2.0 makes the 8z Checkin app native, brings UI improvements and bug fixes, and improves how network drops are handled.”  The new version was redesigned by Paradigm Creatives, headquartered in Columbia, Maryland.  Paradigm Creatives develops a wide range of apps across categories, and on multiple platforms.

Homes have been moving quickly across Colorado’s Front Range markets, and the California Bay Area’s Peninsula market, where 8z Real Estate has offices and brokers. Most home buyers use the internet to research their property search prior to speaking with a Realtor.  A well-priced home, in these competitive markets, will often go under contract within days of being listed. The property reviews written by 8z brokers through the 8z Checkin app, allow a home buyer to educate themselves about properties that have been listed or sold in the area, but may no longer be available to tour or make an offer on.

8z Real Estate is a brokerage founded on providing home buyers and sellers the best technology available for their real estate needs, but also local experts on the ground.  While the 8z Checkin app is an internal app for brokers at 8z Real Estate, they have two consumer facing apps, 8z Real Estate HomeSpotter, and 8z Neighborhoods, which are also available on the AppStore and Play Store.


About 8z Real Estate

8z Real Estate is a real estate brokerage built from the ground up to empower home buyers and sellers with unmatched market data and online tools, combined with the knowledge and expertise of professionals on the ground. Realtors implement a client-centric approach to real estate transactions. Proactive, honest and trustworthy, 8z brokers listen to clients’ needs, address their concerns and deliver customized real estate solutions. Each Realtor specializes in specific neighborhoods throughout Colorado, allowing them to continually grow their knowledge base about the area in which they live and work as well as offer the “inside scoop” on everything local. For more information call 303-563-4103 and visit http://8z.com/.