8z Real Estate Introduces 3D Virtual Tours for Listings

8z Real Estate Introduces 3D Virtual Tours for Listings

(BOULDER, Colo., September 2, 2015) – Maintaining their commitment to providing the best technology and tools for home sellers, 8z Real Estate is excited to announce their new 3D Virtual Tour. 8z is the first residential brokerage in Colorado to provide this technology for listings throughout all of the Front Range markets.

3D Virtual Tours provide an interactive experience beyond the typical Virtual Tours that have been used to market homes for sale. Rather than just watching video footage, or a slideshow, potential home buyers can explore every angle of the home as if they were walking through it, similar to Google street view. The special camera uses 2D and 3D sensors to takes 360 degree scans of a room. The software then combines these images to create 3D, dollhouse, and floor plan views of the home.

“This was a significant financial investment for 8z Real Estate, but one that we believe will pay dividends by setting our Realtors and our listings apart. There are few products that capture people’s attention like 3D Virtual Tours. Not only do the Virtual Tours set an 8z Realtor apart from the competition during a listing appointment, sellers want to share and talk about the novel technology, which is great publicity for a Realtor,” explained 8z CEO Lane Hornung. 8z Real Estate has partnered with professional photographers to offer 3D Virtual Tours exclusively to 8z Realtors.

8z Realtor Bob Maiocco in Evergreen has received positive feedback about the 3D Virtual Tours from home sellers, commenting that, “I have used the 3D Virtual Tour in two listing presentations this week, and I have received great feedback and interest from both families. One retired couple in their late 60’s really enjoyed the tour and had no trouble seeing or interacting with the demo.”

The 3D camera and technology is developed by Matterport. The cameras have been used across industries, where 3D photography can increase productivity or complement marketing, including the construction, insurance, and hospitality industries.


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View the iPad Video Demonstration of 8z 3D Virtual Tour:


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