LoLo Tips & FAQ's

LoLo, short for Locals Supporting Locals, is a digital relationship management platform that sources gifts from independent vendors.

  • Through LoLo, your Sphere list will receive a local gift of the month, personalized from you, delivered via email and text.
  • Clients can simply redeem the gift (no strings attached!) from their phones.
  • Examples of past LoLo gifts include a free ice cream cone, a latte and pastry, and a beer tasting for two.
  • LoLo provides a full dashboard of analytics, allowing you to view clicks, comments and redemptions. At a glance, you can see your most engaged clients as well as who is clicking to your website.
  • LoLo integrates seamlessly with Boomtown, meaning you can now manage your entire sphere list in one place. 

In this short video, we wanted to quickly share with you how to go through your Boomtown database to ensure that LoLo gifts will be received by the right contacts.

Here are answers to some common questions we're getting. If there is anything else you need clarity on, please let Marketing know.

Who in my sphere will get LoLo?

Any of your contacts in Boomtown that are tagged for LoLo, have email address and/or cell number, and a home address. 8z Collective clients will be tagged LoLo for you as well.

Do I need to have both cell number and email address in Boomtown?

Yes, if you have it. If you only have one, that client will just get LoLo gifts delivered to that.

What is the monthly cost?

8z pays half, meaning the cost to you is $.55 per client. A pretty good deal, considering the value of gifts is $5-10!



What is the minimum number of sphere contacts I can enroll in LoLo?

25. If you have less, you will still be charged for 25.

Do agents get charged per open? Or redemption?

Per delivery. If a text/email gift does not get delivered to your client because of a bad number or email address, you do NOT get charged. This is an improvement over Boomerang, where agents would get charged even for cards that were not delivered.

Is the business providing the gift tied to the agent’s market or client’s zip code?

Client’s zip code, so it’s important to have an updated address in Boomtown for all LoLo contacts. If all you have is a zip code, that will work.

What is the deadline to opt clients in to LoLo for future months?

The 10th of the month for that month's gifts.

Why am I charged one amount at the beginning of the month and a second amount after gifts go out?

Every month you are billed for the minimum of 25 gifts initially. When the gifts actually go out to your clients, LoLo will look for the difference between the minimum and what you actually sent out, and then charge for that.