8z President Ryan Carter Weighs In on “Low inventories, soaring prices frustrate buyers”

The Daily Camera, a long-running publication out of Boulder, CO, published an article on April, 18th, 2021 titled: “A market frenzy: Low inventories, soaring prices frustrate buyers”.

This title couldn’t be more accurate of the overall sentiment in the Denver Metro real estate market, and really the markets across all of the Front Range.

8z President Ryan Carter was interviewed to weigh in on the subject, contributing several key insights into why these current market conditions exist, as well as what we can expect in the future. In regards to the extremely tight level of inventory, Carter said that “To a pretty major degree, we need to be prepared for this being the new normal.”

The article also highlighted one of 8z’s innovative solutions for sellers, 8z Bridge – a program that allows homeowners to buy a new home, move in, then sell their current home. A recent client of 8z, Tomas Kaplan, said he wouldn’t have been able to buy a home without it. “The reality is, with the limited inventory and this challenging market, we didn’t think it would be possible,” Kaplan said.

Learn more about 8z Bridge, as well as our other solutions for sellers at 8zSelect.com.


April 21, 2021

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