Training & Webinars

Training videos and Webinars designed to help you take full advantage of our systems and tools.

The 8z Listing Portal Training

8z Business Success Analytics Training

8z Instant Offers

Boomtown Vitals

The 8z Collective (Audio-only Webinar)

8z Select Training

Listing Game Webinar

8z Assist Powered by Broker Assist Training

Spacio - 8z’s Open House Platform

8z Social Strategy Overview

Ask the Experts

Internet Lead Gen Webinar

Quarterly Hyperlocal Panel 2021 Q1

Social Media Webinar

Time to Give Yourself a Raise

8z Bridge & Cash Buyer Webinar

Quarterly Hyperlocal Panel 2021 Q2

Hyperlocal Webinar

Quarterly Hyperlocal Panel 2021 Q3

How to Navigate Insurance Claims

Worklife Balance Webinar

8z Presents Webinar- 8z Marketing

8z Presents Webinar - HighNote

Cash Buyer Webinar

Marketing Services Webinar

Agent Services Webinar

Crowdhealth Webinar

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2021 Town Halls

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