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With over five years of experience managing projects and obtaining licenses in HVAC, Septic, Plumbing, and Drains, Andrea gained valuable insights into how homeowners, both new and experienced, were investing their money in one of their most significant assets. As she delved into the technical aspects of homes, Andrea recognized an opportunity for a career transition. Determined to leverage her expertise, she pursued a real estate license and became a dedicated Real Estate Advisor.
Having previously worked in a role that exposed her to the intricacies of homeownership, Andrea knew she could not only assist clients with buying and selling processes but also provide a comprehensive understanding of what truly enhances a property's value. Her experience allowed her to advocate effectively for homeowners, ensuring that their homes became even greater assets.
Andrea's deep connection to Colorado, where she was born and raised, has led her to reside in more than 15 cities throughout the state. She pursued higher education at both the University of Denver and Colorado State University, acquiring a profound understanding of housing markets spanning from Lone Tree to Fort Collins.

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