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I was born and raised in the Colorado Springs area on my family ranch. I grew up helping with Leather and Grace, a therapeutic riding program directed by my mother that served the community at large. We managed fifteen horses that all worked jobs, varying from therapeutic riding to the small ponies that visited hospitals or schools. During high school, I became involved with the Colorado Springs Conservatory, where I participated in performances for theater and music. Between family vacations and volunteer trips, I was lucky to experience a lot of the world before I was eighteen.

Once I graduated High School I moved to Fort Collins, as it was the furthest from home without leaving the state. I immediately fell in love with the town and soon found myself working the bar at Fort Collin’s first Distillery. While at the Distillery, I made most of my money through Bottle Sales and honed my ability as a salesman through daily face-to-face interaction with my clients. After years of making connections through the Service Industry and expanding my knowledge of Bourbon, I found myself back at square one at the start of 2020. I moved back to my family ranch in Colorado Springs and got to work renovating the property after five years of vacancy. During the rewarding and peaceful year of working, I began to take pre-licensing courses for this current position.

As my work experience is mostly from the service industry, my approach is to anticipate and prioritize the needs of those I work for. I always believed in the idea that there is a purpose in serving others, which I apply to all professional or personal aspects of myself. My overall goal is to make the process of purchase, or sale as memorable and enjoyable as possible. I enjoy helping find the perfect product for each client, whether it be Real Estate or Bourbon.

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