A path to growth with room to live.

Plug into the power of 8z.

A path to growth with room to live.

Plug into the power of 8z.

More than what you're used to

To us, brokerage is more than a legal construct.

It’s more than an office. More than a stack of technology.

More than a commission split.

More than a place to hang your license.

At 8z, a brokerage is a system for success.
And a place to connect.

Always here, working for you

We provide proven systems, structure and a culture of growth and opportunity so you can spend your time
serving your clients.

Marketing that works for you

Lead gen that creates
more opportunity

Training that sets
you up for success

Support that has
you covered

Success Stories

 “A culture of helpfulness and celebrating each other’s successes is a huge difference from where I came from.”


- Amy Terry

“We put clients first, we're helpful, and we're transparent. That really lives and breathes in our culture.


- Ryan Carter

“The biggest draw to 8z was its structure, guidance and mentorship. At bigger firms you’re just out there trying to figure it out yourself. 8z provides everything I need.


- Jessica Kinney

We give you what we know works

• A-Z training that sets you up for a lifetime of success

• Dedicated marketing services

• Online lead generation to supplement your sphere and farm pipeline

• “Always here” culture that’s productive and supportive

• Opportunities to grow outside your comfort zone

• Incentives to make it worth it and fun

• Team structure so you’re always covered when you want time away

A Path to Growth

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