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1 Nov Newsletter

The real estate market is an entirely different world than it was a year ago. Between interest rates, availability of homes, and buyer demand, it’s truly a radically changed landscape. Let’s take a look at a few ways to win in this market, whether you’re buying, selling or even investing.

August 2022 Newsletter Header (2)

The one word on everyone’s mind right now: recession. It can be a scary term, but what actually is a recession? Well, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Real GDP decreased at an annual rate of 1.6% in the first quarter of 2022, followed by 0.9% in the second quarter. 

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As the FED continues to drive inflation higher, the housing market is definitely starting to feel the effects. Mortgage rates on a 30-year fixed are now 5.375, up from around 3.1% in January. On the national level, home sales fell 2.7% between February and March, according to a recent article from Realtor.com.

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Over the past year, we’ve been told repeatedly how the record-low mortgage rates will begin to increase. Well, that time has come. Perhaps triggered by accelerating inflation rates, which began a steady climb above 6% and are currently hovering around 7%, we are now seeing the highest mortgage rates in the past 2 years...

October 2022 Newsletter Header

Halloween is just around the corner, but many are already spooked by what’s going on in the real estate market. The biggest challenge is affordability, mainly due to interest rates. As you are likely aware, they’ve been climbing all year, now sitting close to 7%. This is essentially double what rates were just over a year ago.

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There’s no doubt about it - the market is shifting. The direction its turning will come as a surprise to some, but will also offer new opportunities. As your trusted brokerage, we believe it’s important to not only be aware, but also to understand these changing conditions so that you can make smart, informed decisions that make sense for you.

April 2022 Newsletter Header (1)

As we jump into spring, historically we see an increase in homes available for sale. Coming off the lowest months of inventory to date, this would be welcomed by eager home buyers as interest rates also continue to rise. Beyond the seasonal uptick in listings, there’s a chance we may see a wave of new builds on the horizon as well.

Square-Jan News

2021 is finally behind us, and what a year it was. We saw home prices spike to amazing heights as a result of historically low interest rates and a frenzy of buyers entering the market. But as inventory continues to dwindle in most areas, will 2022 continue those trends?


Over the course of 2022, climbing interest rates have softened buyer demand, forcing the market back to somewhat of a normal pace. But the question everyone wants to know is: will they continue to climb? And if so, how high?


Newsletter square- June 22

Let’s talk about Web3. You may have heard this term recently as cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and blockchain technology are becoming more prevalent in the technology spotlight. This new version of the internet will span across all industries, from coffee shops to multi-billion dollar corporations - and real estate is no exception. 

Square-Mar News

In a matter of weeks, we’ve gone from speculation to realization: mortgage rates are now above 4% for a 30-year fixed-rate, the highest in two years. How does this play out here in Colorado, and how can buyers ensure they win in this market? 

Square-Dec News

As we touched on last month, winter is usually the season when real estate slows down...but that may not be the case this year. The weather has been unseasonably warm, and the real estate market is looking similar.

Square-Sep News

With the end of the year soon approaching, Colorado’s real estate market doesn’t want to cool down. Homes for sale may be seeing a bit less activity overall, we’re still seeing bidding wars, and properties selling for much higher than their asking price - especially in certain areas and price ranges.

Square-Jun News

While the heat of summer 2021 is just around the corner, Colorado’s real estate market has been ‘hot’ for months now. If you’re planning to sell this summer, it’s imperative that you prepare your home the right way to sell for maximum value.

Square-Nov News

But with some early snow, skiers and snowboarders across the state are making their inaugural journey to the mountains to kick off the season. When it comes to real estate, last month saw somewhat of a slowdown across the Front Range, and based on seasonal trends, we can expect prices to continue to dip as we head into winter. 

Square-Aug News

iBuyers and Power Buyers are changing the way people buy and sell homes. In addition, many Realtors and consumers alike are starting to favor these new solutions over older methods.

Square-May News

You’ve probably been hearing it for over a year now: housing supply is low - really low. Rather than repeat the message yet again, we want to share the factors contributing to this competitive market...

Square-Oct News

From the shifting colors of the leaves to the crisp morning air, October is traditionally a period of change. It also can be one of the very best times to buy a home, as it falls right in between back-to-school season and the holidays. 

Square-July News

The first half of 2021 theme, as we referenced monthly, had record-low interest rates, high buyer demand, and booming home prices as a result. In recent weeks, however, the market has cooled a bit...

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April historically ushers in the ‘spring market’, when there are more homes listed for sale than any other time of the year. With warmer weather arriving, this is typically when real estate is the most active – people are able to take advantage of getting outside, shopping for homes, and settle into a new home before school starts again.

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