Rooting For Home

Every Colorado Zip Code Begins with 8.

8z stands for stronger Colorado communities through homeownership.


We don’t think you can sell homes in places you don’t understand or genuinely take part in, which is why we’re big on presence, action and listening.

We opened our doors in 2009, a year our country was in the grips of the Great Recession, with one big idea: fix what had been broken in the real estate experience for both consumers and real estate agents. Today, we build upon that mission with a focus on expanding homeownership. If the COVID crisis has highlighted one thing above all, it’s how important home is to every Coloradan.

We build programs to improve access and enrich lives. We do this important work by ensuring our 150 agents have the knowledge, grit and tools it takes to serve buyers and sellers successfully. We’re always here for them so they can always be there for you.

Everything Under One Roof

With 8z, you not only have a great agent on your side, you have a whole team of people working to meet your needs. Our in-house mortgage, title, rentals, and insurance agencies operate together as a well-oiled machine, making the buying or selling experience exceptionally smooth.

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8z Real Estate

At 8z Real Estate, offering our clients the best services available does not stop at our team of Realtors and in-house staff.  Throughout the home buying and selling process communication is key.

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8z Mortgage

At 8z Mortgage all of our underwriting and closing is done in-house, allowing us the greatest measure of control and communication throughout the process, from pre-qualifying to closing. Visit

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8z Insurance

8z Insurance offers a full line of products providing one stop shopping for all of your insurance needs. Visit

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8z Rentals

At 8z Rentals we are committed to providing the most efficient and current technology, continuously implementing the most cutting edge innovations while still emphasizing security and accuracy. Visit

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8z Title

At 8z Title our goal is to help our clients have the best possible closing experience. We understand that the closing is a culmination of a lot of hard work and effort. Visit