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Buy before you sell

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Traditionally, buying a new home has often been contingent on selling your existing home.

8z Modern Bridge makes that a thing of the past – now you can buy before you sell.

Move into your new home first with the financial benefit of selling your existing property on the open market after.

Here's how it works:

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1. Get pre-funded

In less than five minutes, provide all necessary information to get the pre-funding and pre-approval process started.



2. Make a Cash Offer

Spend your time where it counts – finding the perfect home. And the best part? Make a winning offer with 8z Modern Bridge funds to lock-in your next home. In this competitive market, cash offers are more attractive to sellers as they face fewer roadblocks – and can even command a lower price. An 8z agent will help get you started on your search.


3. Move Into Your New Home

8z Modern Bridge will close on your new home so you can move in and lease it back until you sell your old home – without the financial risk of two mortgages. This provides an opportunity to secure your next home now. Your lease ends the moment you purchase your new home from 8z Modern Bridge.


4. List your existing home

Take your time preparing your existing home to list, then sell for full market value - without the traditional hassle of showings while you live there.




5. Close on your new home

Once your existing home sells, secure your mortgage loan and buy your new home back from 8z Modern Bridge at the original price, plus our standard financing fee of 1.9%.



Buy before you sell - it’s that easy!