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Overview for Boulder, CO

124,327 people live in Boulder, where the median age is 36.2 and the average individual income is $50,888.48. Data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.



36.2 years

Median Age





Boulder, CO

A Guide to Living in

Boulder, CO

Boulder is nestled between the eye-catching sandstone slabs of the Flatirons. A little over 30 minutes to Denver, but still tucked in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains creates a magical and versatile town. Boulder has a quaint cityscape with many trails to wander, over 24 craft breweries, and of course, the historic Pearl Street where you can soak up nearly 300 sunshiny Colorado days. The City of Boulder now spans 25.8 square miles and is the home of over 107k residents with a median household income of $70k. With its year-round activities, outdoor space, skilled chefs, and lively breweries, it’s no surprise that earned the title of the “Happiest City in the U.S.”

Unveiling the Splendor of Boulder, CO Real Estate: Your Gateway to Mountain Living

Embark on a journey to secure your place in Boulder's mountain paradise. Our dedicated team of real estate professionals is ready to assist you in finding the perfect residence that aligns with your mountain lifestyle and aspirations.


Boulder: Where Nature and Culture Converge

Outdoor Paradise

Boulder stands as an outdoor enthusiast's paradise, with access to hiking, biking, and rock climbing just moments away. Our curated real estate listings reflect the seamless integration of homes with nature, providing a haven for those who seek an active and adventurous lifestyle.

Cultural Hub

Experience a vibrant cultural scene with Boulder's renowned art galleries, music festivals, and theater performances. Live at the intersection of natural beauty and artistic expression, where every corner of the city is infused with a creative and eclectic energy.

Boulder, CO Homes for Sale

Diverse Real Estate Choices

Mountain Retreats

For those yearning for mountain living, our selection of mountain retreats in Boulder offers tranquility and breathtaking views. From rustic cabins to contemporary mountain homes, find your sanctuary amidst the stunning landscapes that surround Boulder.

Sustainable Living

Boulder is a pioneer in sustainable living, and our real estate listings reflect this ethos. Explore eco-friendly homes that seamlessly blend modern comforts with environmentally conscious design, contributing to both a luxurious and sustainable lifestyle.


Educational Excellence and Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Acclaimed Schools

Boulder's commitment to education is evident in its top-rated schools. Our real estate experts can guide you to homes within the boundaries of these institutions, ensuring a nurturing and academically enriching environment for your family.

Parks and Recreation

Despite its mountainous terrain, Boulder offers a plethora of parks and recreational areas. Enjoy outdoor activities with family and friends, from leisurely walks along Boulder Creek to adventurous hikes in the Flatirons.


Innovation Hub and Economic Opportunities

Innovation Ecosystem

Boulder's thriving innovation ecosystem attracts professionals seeking dynamic opportunities. Live and work in a city that fosters creativity, entrepreneurship, and technological advancement.

Investment Potential

Beyond its natural beauty, Boulder presents excellent investment potential. Our team is well-versed in the nuances of Boulder's real estate market, ensuring your investment aligns with your financial goals and the dynamic nature of this mountain haven.


Boulder, CO, is not just a city; it's a lifestyle. Let our guide be your compass in navigating the real estate opportunities, and discover why Boulder is the epitome of mountain living.

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