Cory Nickerson - Boulder County Real Producers

Cory Nickerson - Boulder County Real Producers

A Realtor With a Passion for Relationships

"In the world of real estate, where transactions and properties dominate conversations, there is a Realtor who stands out not just for her expertise but for the relationships she builds. Meet Cory Nickerson, a seasoned real estate professional at 8z Real Estate, whose journey to Boulder is as diverse and captivating as the properties she helps clients buy and sell.

Originally hailing from Chicago, Cory’s globetrotting adventure began at a young age when her family moved to Hong Kong. Having a linguist and foreign correspondent as her father, and a curious mother, Cory experienced living in and visiting locations all over the globe. Seven years after living in Asia, her family returned to the States and settled in Northern California. Considered a West Coaster, Cory fondly calls Foster City, California, her hometown.

Cory’s academic journey led her down an unconventional path, majoring in German Language and Literature at UCLA. At first the vastness of UCLA was a bit overwhelming to Cory, considering it was such an expansive institution. Being exposed to foreign languages in her youth, she chose to major in German as a way to make the large UCLA campus feel more manageable. 

After completing her bachelor’s degree and recognizing the challenges of securing employment with a major in German, Cory devoted over three years to working at Los Angeles based non-profit, American Oceans Campaign (AOC). This environmental advocacy organization, founded by actor Ted Danson, aligned with her passion for environmental causes. While working towards her undergrad degree, she also earned her scuba diving certificate and eventually became an instructor. She organized underwater beach cleanup events up and down the Southern California coast, and also had the unique experience of teaching Ted Danson and his wife, Mary Steenburgen, how to scuba dive. 

Cory says, “It was hysterical to teach Ted and Mary and one of my most cherished moments in the Hollywood world of celebrities.” 

After working at AOC, Cory headed to Seattle where she earned an MBA at the University of Washington. She fell in love with Seattle and met her first husband, Tom, a Seattle-based real estate developer. Together they have two children, Anna who works in San Francisco, and their son, Peter, who is a student at Loyola Marymount College in Los Angeles. Tech was just becoming big in Seattle at that time and Cory pursued a career in high-tech marketing for T-Mobile. She did this for several years before life’s course changed a bit and she chose a new job opportunity in Denver. Cory took up residence in Louisville in 2010.

The transition to real estate was unexpected, sparked by her work for a small real estate company where she was hired to work on marketing efforts, from social media to blogging and website management. Cory’s foundational knowledge, gained through her marriage to Tom, allowed her to navigate the intricacies of the field seamlessly.

“Under the guidance of my former Managing Broker, Rob Kelly, I was encouraged to explore real estate by first obtaining my license and then being offered a place to work and learn under him. After passing the real estate exam, I found myself integrated into Rob’s brokerage, Louisville Realty Associates.”

Cory’s first real estate transaction was a stroke of being in the right place at the right time, when she was able to help a family purchase 40 acres in Nederland. She smiles and says, “This experience was akin to ‘drinking from a fire hose,’ involving complexities such as septic certification, ordering a land survey, learning about a conservation easement, getting the well water tested, all fairly important to the due diligence and inspection process AND all aspects I did not think I would need so quickly in my career.”

Cory’s move to 8z Real Estate - Boulder, two years ago was not just a career change; it was a leap into a supportive and modern environment. “The company’s structure, incentives, and collaborative atmosphere appealed to me, reinforcing my belief in the importance of relationships in the real estate business.” She values those relationships that have helped Cory build her story. A story which wouldn’t be complete without mentioning those who helped her along the way.

Beth Fredricksmeyer at CMG Home Loans who, with her 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry, has helped Cory improve her understanding of finance. DeAnna Neises, who was with Chicago Title was key in helping to answer endless transaction questions in Cory’s first couple of years. And, finally, Angela Moss, who is a close friend and top producer at 8z Real Estate and who recruited Cory to join the team, led by veteran Managing Broker, Brad Klein.

Cory made the transition to 8z Real Estate on the same day as the infamous Marshall Fires on December 30, 2021, and as she was onboarding, the wildfires ravaged her community in Louisville and Superior and unincorporated Boulder County, destroying 1,080 homes and displacing thousands of residents, 50 of whom she calls friends, clients, and fellow community members. The experience on that day shifted her focus from traditional real estate to community support, as she dedicated herself to helping those affected by the devastation. A shift in perspective occurred, prompting a collective realization of life’s priorities. The community rallied together, acknowledging the impending challenges.

“There is never enough help including the insufficiency of FEMA assistance and the enduring struggles against the process such as building codes, permitting and so much more. Compounding the difficulties to survivors were pandemic-related supply chain issues and the unfortunate timing of rising interest rates.”

Motivated by empathy, Cory embarked on a mission to provide support to those affected, utilizing her available resources to assist her extensive network of acquaintances, including helping displaced families find housing and disaster relief grant funds as well as contributing time and energy to community events later in the year such as clothing exchanges, collecting gift cards as well as holiday ornament giveaways to help those who lost so much.

Beyond her professional life, Cory is deeply rooted in her local community. She served on several non-profits including as President of the PTSO, the After Prom Committee and Booster Club, all at Monarch High School, her children’s school. Now that her kids have graduated, she remains involved as a Booster Club sponsor. As the Secretary of the Louisville History Foundation, Cory contributes to preserving the rich history of her small town.

It’s also worth mentioning Cory ran for Louisville City Council in 2014 and despite not winning, Cory reflects, “consider myself fortunate to have run because it allowed me to meet numerous individuals and establish valuable connections.” Subsequently, she was appointed to serve on the Coal Creek Golf Advisory Board, dedicating a few years to the restoration efforts following the historic Colorado flood of 2013. She also stays busy as the ambassador of a local community website called Cory has published over 50 interviews with small, local business owners in the past year and is always looking to help folks with free PR.

In her personal life, Cory enjoys scuba diving, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, yoga, cooking, attending her beloved book clubs, and volunteering for various causes. She and her husband, Mike, have made Cabo San Lucas their annual retreat, and they recently helped Cory’s 83-year-old mother become a first-time homeowner in Half Moon Bay, California! Mike and Cory hope to make Half Moon Bay a place where they “snowbird” one day. Mike’s adult child, Flash, lives in Fort Collins, with their fiancé, Emma, and they see each other as often as they are able.

While Cory is engaged in the real estate profession, she genuinely perceives herself as being in the business of cultivating relationships. “For me, this philosophy is at the core of how I approach my work. I’ve collaborated with individuals for extended periods—sometimes for more than a year—before a transaction occurs. Success, in my view, is not merely defined by a quick sale or personal accolades; instead, my focus is on the experience and satisfaction of each of my clients. I am sincerely committed to serving their needs, prioritizing their interests above any potential personal gain, whether financial or otherwise.”

Cory’s story reflects a genuine commitment to making a positive impact, both in the real estate industry and the communities she calls home.

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