Hottest Architectural Styles in Colorado Springs

Hottest Architectural Styles in Colorado Springs

Cradled in the shadow of Pikes Peak and the majestic Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs is a city where history, nature, and architecture harmonize to create a compelling and diverse landscape. Known for its unique blend of architectural styles, the city effortlessly combines the old's charm with the new's innovation, bearing testament to its rich cultural history and forward-thinking ethos.


Colorado Springs has a number of well-preserved Victorian-era homes, particularly in the Old North End neighborhood. These homes often feature intricate detailing, ornate woodwork, and steep rooflines. Victorian architecture in Colorado Springs is a prominent and cherished aspect of the city's heritage. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Colorado Springs experienced growth and prosperity, which led to the construction of many Victorian-style homes and buildings. Various Victorian design movements influenced the architecture of this era, resulting in a diverse range of styles that can still be admired today.

Key features of Victorian architecture in Colorado Springs include:

  • Intricate detailing
  • Steep rooflines
  • Varied facades (asymmetric windows, Bay windows, turrets, and projecting sections are common)
  • Colorful exteriors
  • Large porches and verandas
  • Ornate entryways
  • Stained glass windows


Craftsman-style homes became popular in the early 20th century and are characterized by their emphasis on handcrafted details, exposed rafters, and a harmonious integration with nature. Craftsman-style homes, also known as the Arts and Crafts style, have a notable presence in Colorado Springs and contribute to the city's architectural diversity.

Here are a few features of the Craftsman-style homes in Colorado Springs:

  • Natural materials
  • Low-pitched roofs
  • Wide porches
  • Open floor plans
  • Built-in Furniture
  • Exquisite woodwork
  • Handcrafted details
Craftsman-style homes can be found throughout various neighborhoods in Colorado Springs. The neighborhoods around downtown and the Old North End are particularly known for their collection of Craftsman homes. Many homeowners in Colorado Springs value the historical and architectural significance of Craftsman homes, leading to preservation and restoration efforts to maintain the original charm and features of these homes.

While many Craftsman homes in Colorado Springs are from the early 20th century, modern interpretations of the style can also be found, blending the traditional Craftsman elements with contemporary design.

Pueblo & Spanish Revival

The Pueblo Revival architectural style is a distinctive regional style that emerged in the Southwestern United States, particularly in states like New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado. This architectural style draws inspiration from the traditional adobe Pueblo architecture of Native American communities in the region. It is characterized by its use of earthy materials, flat or gently sloping roofs with rounded edges, and a strong integration with the natural surroundings.

Characteristics of the Pueblo Revival style include:

  • Adobe-like materials
  • Flat or rounded roofs
  • Exposed beams and vigas
  • Earthy colors
  • Asymmetry and organic shapes
  • Territorial revival influences
  • Integration with landscape
Like the Pueblo Revival style, Spanish Revival architecture features stucco exteriors, red-tiled roofs, and arched doorways, drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean and Spanish colonial influences.

Mid-Century Modern & Modern Contemporary

Mid-Century Modern architecture is a design movement that gained popularity in the mid-20th century, roughly from the 1940s to the 1960s. It is characterized by its emphasis on functionality, simplicity, clean lines, and integration with nature. In Colorado Springs, as in many other parts of the United States, Mid-Century Modern homes became a notable architectural style during this period.

Here are a few key features and characteristics of Mid-Century Modern homes in Colorado Springs:

  • Clean lines and geometric shapes
  • Open floor plans
  • Flat or low-pitched roofs
  • Large windows
  • Integration with nature
  • Minimal ornamentation
  • Iconic furniture and interiors
  • Butterfly and A-frame roofs
  • Retro color palette
As Colorado Springs continues to grow, modern contemporary architecture has made its mark with sleek lines, large windows, and innovative designs.

Modern Contemporary homes, often simply referred to as Contemporary homes, reflect current architectural trends and styles. They emphasize a sleek and uncluttered design, incorporating modern materials, innovative technologies (like SMART features), and integrating with the surrounding environment. In Colorado Springs, Modern Contemporary homes have gained popularity as homeowners seek residences that combine cutting-edge design with the beauty of the natural landscape.


The ranch-style homes are characterized by their single-story layout, low rooflines, and an open design that often focuses on indoor-outdoor living. Also known as Rancher or California Ranch homes, this architectural style originated in the United States in the early 20th century.

In Colorado Springs, as in many other parts of the country, ranch-style homes have been widely embraced due to their practicality and adaptability to different landscapes. They feature open floor plans with bedrooms connected by long hallways, simple designs, attached garages, and ideal indoor/outdoor living options, with patio doors that open to natural backyards from the living room or kitchen.

Mountain Lodge/Cabin

Given Colorado Springs' proximity to the Rocky Mountains, many homes in the area embrace a rustic, lodge-like aesthetic with elements such as natural stone, timber, and expansive windows to take in the surrounding landscape.

Examples include:

  • Natural materials and rustic design
  • Cozy interiors featuring wood paneling on walls and ceilings and fireplaces or wood-burning stoves 
  • A-frame and gable roofs, which help shed heavy snowfall in winter and provide a distinct visual profile
  • Large windows
  • Outdoor living spaces provide opportunities to enjoy the fresh mountain air and stunning views
  • Adaptive design includes modern amenities such as updated kitchens, modern plumbing, and heating systems
  • Location-driven design is often influenced by the specific location of the cabin—nestled in the mountains, near a lake, or surrounded by forests, cabins are designed to maximize views and capitalize on the natural surroundings.

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