How to Find a Real Estate Agent in Boulder

How to Find a Real Estate Agent in Boulder

Boulder, a stunning city cradled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, is nothing short of breathtaking. Journeying from Denver, a mere 30 minutes away, the breathtaking views of the rocky, snow-draped mountains greet visitors. With a trendy food landscape, award-winning breweries, an energetic downtown scene, and many outdoor activities, this city draws people of all ages and backgrounds.

This tranquil haven is a paradise for those who love the outdoors, from young professionals to families, academics, scientists, and transplants from both coasts.  Trail runners, hikers, climbers, and cyclists move to Boulder to enjoy nature's biggest playground.

Once someone is looking for Boulder homes for sale or to sell their Boulder home, the next step is finding a Boulder real estate agent. This article will walk buyers and sellers alike through finding the perfect match.

Prepare to meet your agent

After homeowners have decided they're ready for a move — but before they reach out to an agent— they should strongly consider getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan. This will help them understand how much money they can spend on purchasing a new home, something buyers and sellers alike must consider. 

Talking with a mortgage lender and submitting an application not only clarifies what kind of finances are available but also shows forethought if a homeowner is planning on buying another home in the future- after selling, for example.

What's the difference between a broker and a real estate agent?

Following the same preparation for helping clients with real estate transactions, agents and brokers split their capabilities. Brokers have acquired further training that allows them to act individually and contract other real estate representatives.

What about a realtor?

As a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), any person employed in the real estate industry can refer to themselves as a Realtor, including agents, brokers, appraisers, and property managers.

Should homeowners look for a buyer's agent or a listing agent?

A buyer's agent can assist buyers with every step of the home-buying journey, from identifying Boulder homes for sale and defending their clients when putting in an offer to ensuring a smooth closing. Meanwhile, listing agents (or selling agents) assist sellers with staging their homes and scheduling appointments on behalf of their clients while also advertising it online.

Securing the right real estate agent

Do they know the local market?

When selecting a Boulder real estate agent, it is wise to account for both the length of their career in real estate and their proficiency. Even if they are new to the industry, an exceptional success rate in the market homeowners buy or sell in can show that they have the knowledge it takes to get great results.

Will homeowners feel supported?

When investigating prospective real estate agents, pay attention to the size of their support team. It is not always essential for an agent to have help, but if buyers or sellers are dealing with a particularly busy realtor, having someone assisting the realtor might prove very beneficial to how much the buyer or seller and their realtor can accomplish together.

How much does the buyer or seller have to pay in commission?

Understanding the real estate agent's commission rate is paramount when selling your home. Agents often charge a fee of 5-6% of the final sale price, which may vary from individual to individual. For that reason, sellers should compare multiple agents' fees to get the best deal possible. Typically, sellers pay these commissions instead of buyers, although that can vary from case to case.

Take reviews seriously

Prioritize examining all relevant reviews, even if the prospective agent looks qualified. If prospective clients have doubts due to complaints from past clients, they should inquire and talk with someone who has worked directly with the realtor before making a decision. Don't neglect this step — it's key to finding a true professional.

Finding a quality buyer’s agent

They work within a budget

When searching for the perfect buyer's agent, ensure that they only send listings within the agreed-upon budget. If a real estate agent doesn't realize or respect the limits of what a buyer can afford, it may be time to look elsewhere. A knowledgeable and experienced buyer's agent will work with whatever spending limit is provided and find suitable properties according to this amount.

They knock dollars off whenever possible

A buyer's agent should act on their client's behalf and battle for the lowest price possible. To get you the best deal from a seller with each offer submitted on a house, a realtor must be actively negotiating

They're clear-cut

A reputable buyer's agent never shies away from the truth. They'll keep clients apprised of the current housing market conditions, ensuring that expectations are set and realistic.

Finding a quality seller’s agent

They'll get the word out

An experienced seller's agent understands that their success is intertwined with their client's success, which is why a great one will act as the marketing arm of their client, as well as help to list and stage the home to attract prospective purchasers.

They'll suggest appropriate upgrades

A seller's agent can offer their clients personalized advice on how to enhance their home to secure a higher asking price and draw more potential buyers.

They'll be realistic

A seller's agent is critical in determining attainable goals for selling a property. With their expertise, they'll suggest an ideal price and help sellers skillfully maneuver from listing to negotiations.

They'll be informed

In order to find the right seller's agent, sellers should seek out someone familiar with the Boulder real estate market, with recent success in marketing properties. This way, sellers can trust that their realtors will price your property optimally so it can be sold quickly.

Start your next real estate journey

Buying a home in Boulder or selling a Boulder home to move on to a new endeavor are both once-in-a-lifetime dreams. Those dreams take a team to come true, including an expert real estate agent. Nothing should stop homeowners from finding the next home of their dreams, whether in beautiful Boulder or a neighboring community.

That’s where Aubrey Gordon comes in. If you’re looking for Boulder homes for sale, or to sell a home in the neighborhood, contact the team at 8z Real Estate today to learn more.

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