Is Your Home Ready For Summer?

Is Your Home Ready For Summer?

Spring has officially arrived, bringing warmer days and blooming flowers. As we see year after year, the real estate market is also blooming. Across the Front Range, the median days on market for a single-family home is just 13 days, while active listings are down almost 11% year-over-year, and homes under contract are up almost 11% year-over-year. April is usually one of the most active months for real estate, then activity starts to cool by the end of summer and slow down toward the end of the year. As we discussed last month, with a heightened level of competition among sellers, it’s especially critical to prepare your home to sell for the spring market. 


However, summer will be here before you know it, and that means it’s time to start thinking about prepping your home for the hotter months ahead. As a homeowner, it’s good practice to maintain the value of your home, and avoid costly repairs or headaches by getting ahead of seasonal upkeep. At the same time, keeping your home in tip-top shape will also make your life easier when it does come time to sell; you’ll have fewer chores to worry about if you stay on top of these seasonal activities.


So, what are the most important things to tackle before summer? The last thing you want is your air conditioning to go out when it’s 90+ degrees every day. Make sure you tune up your HVAC system in advance to avoid any surprises. Having a technician service your system is the best way to go, and typically costs around $150 - which is less than half of the average AC repair bill, and a fraction of the cost to replace. On top of that, make sure you also change out your air filters. This is an easy one to forget, but keeping clean filters around the home not only improves air quality, it also helps your HVAC system run more smoothly.


Now let’s talk about ceiling fans. Did you know that you can change the direction from clockwise to counterclockwise? In the summer, keep your rooms cooler by changing ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise. This helps to circulate cool air and push it down into the room. In the winter, you’d want to change them to clockwise to circulate warm air upward. Most ceiling fans have a switch in the center at the base of the fan blades.


One thing that can hinder all of your cooling efforts? Insulation. A poorly insulated house can raise your utility bill, but you can avoid that with proper air sealing and insulation. A good place to start is checking your attic, windows and exterior doors for gaps, and sealing them before the summer to keep all of that cool air in your home. A nice bonus - these efforts will also benefit you in the winter by keeping the warm air inside your home.


Moving outside to your home’s exterior, it’s always a good idea to check your sprinkler system to ensure it’s functioning correctly. Proper rotation and power of all sprinkler heads is key to avoid over or under-watering parts of your lawn. Also, check the timing of your system - it’s better to run your sprinklers in the evening or overnight so that the water actually soaks into the ground, rather than evaporating during the hotter parts of the day. 


On top of that, consider aerating your lawn to improve water penetration and help the soil soak up the nutrients it needs to keep your lawn looking its best. Don’t forget to clean out your gutters or hire a professional to do so. Clearing out any dirt and debris can help prevent water backups, which can cause more serious issues if left unattended. Remember, water can cause some major problems and damage to your home. Your gutters are there to ensure that water runs off away from the home and mitigate issues like a flooded basement or cracks in the foundation.


Speaking of damage, the summer months typically come with hailstorms. Take a look at your homeowner’s insurance policy, and make sure that you’re comfortable with your level of coverage to avoid any issues if your roof is compromised by large hail.


Your home is one of the most valuable assets you own. If you take the time to do seasonal upkeep, you’ll be able to preserve and even increase that value over time.

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