Meet Jacob Stark

Meet Jacob Stark


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Jacob, thanks for joining me today for 8zs interview series. I love talking with professional agents like yourself and talking about the market, talking about what's going on and and, you know, more significantly, really learning more about, you and your business, the clients you serve, your background. It's just some cool conversations. Yeah, Thanks for having me right now.


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Yeah, I appreciate it. Yeah, for sure. So with that, you know, I'd love to hear a little more about your backstory. Sort of what what got you to real estate? What got you to this profession that we all love and call ours? Yeah, Yeah, I, I actually started investing in real estate first. It just I had been looking at other things like stocks and options and currencies.


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Actually, at one point it was a wild ride, as you can probably imagine. Yeah. And yeah, I just, I don't know what actually got me into real estate, but just kind of caught my eye and by 2015 was in actually investing,


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looking more at like flips, rentals, you know, things like that. And along the way I was like, Why don't I get my license?


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Yeah, You know, like, why am I letting an agent grab the commission? Why don't I do that? Not even thinking at all that I'm going to, you know, become an agent or anything like that. But once I had it and, you know, I was getting more and more into real estate and talking to more people about what I was doing, you know, because you just chit chat or whatever, and it comes up and people like, yeah, like, you know, tell me more about it.


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And I just noticed, like, I like talking to people about real estate and, and I like meeting people and I am from Denver, so I know the area. Yeah. And so it just became a natural fit. Yeah. Well, I mean, first I can really relate to that similar back story. I got into real estate by investing first and then bringing that skillset to my clients, which I think is really valuable because at the end of the day, real estate is the most significant investment someone can do in their life.


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So I love hearing that and I know what value you're bring to your clients because of that foundation. So what a great way to start real estate, particularly a real estate career serving buyers and sellers by understanding the investment piece of it. First amazing foundation you're bringing to your clients. Yeah, absolutely. And you know, it's so funny because when you're investing, obviously you're looking at numbers, but you're just dealing with a lot of stuff, right?


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Yeah. If you're if you're going to flip a house or, you know, you're going to set up a rental or whatever, I mean, you're dealing with a lot of different facets of real estate. And I don't even think I realized how valuable that was as I started meeting with buyers and sellers. And they just would have questions like, I actually actually know the answer to that just from my own experience.


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Right? You know, And so that has just it's paid dividends, you know, beyond what I could have even thought possible. Yeah, that's awesome. So a real estate investing foundation, you know, today in your business, I know that you worked with buyers and sellers, probably a whole gamut from investors to buyers that are just getting into the market, move up buyers, sellers that are downshifting up, shifting, you know, is there a piece of the market that you really are drawn to or kind of a client profile that you really connect with and bring a skillset to?


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Yeah, Well, I of course love helping everybody I know. You know, I think one of my favorites is really helping those families that are just feeling like the house is just kind of starting to collapse in on them because they're growing out of it. Yeah, and the reason I say that is it's just it's just fun to watch them just talk.


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You know, they love their house. That's their home. Yeah. And they have so many memories in it, you know? And I mean, some of those memories are visual in terms of, you know, where they started marking their kids height, you know, on the doorway jam and, you know, different things like that. And there's just there's just so many cool things that they can talk about, about their home that as we talk about, you know, positioning it for the market to sell.


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But then the next part of that that's really fun is, you know, you walk into a home that just fits for them and you can see it, You can see it. It's written all over their faces. And then you see the kids there running to the bedrooms, you know, racing to try to, you know, call dibs on their room.


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Right. And all that stuff. And, you know, it's just stuff like that I think is just fun, you know, It's just really fun. And so, you know, if I had to pick one I like, that's one of the more fun ones because it's just it's so gratifying the whole way through. Yeah. And like you said, you're really


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you're bringing a diverse skill set because I love this idea of of telling the story of your client's home that's made it so impactful for them and why they've loved it.


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So you it's really your responsibility and your duty and you do it really successfully. I see what you're doing to to market that property. Tell that story merchandise in just the same way that they fell in love with it for the next family stewardship. Yeah. And that to take this client to their next chapter. Yeah. In a new home.


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That's really cool. Yeah. No, it's it's a ton of fun. And I think when you can get the the buyers to catch that spark. Yeah. You know, that's where, you know you did it right. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, and there's, you know, real economic impact and understanding that, you know, as we talk about as, as as is really important to the listing process and what you bring to the table is this idea if you merchandise a property right, market it right, maximize exposure into your point, nail in that spark that story, there's going to be real, real difference in what the net can be for that seller to help them on their next chapter.


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Yeah and that upgrade. Yeah absolutely. And that you know like that process that you kind of mentioned there, it's it's just so key to what not only makes you successful within the the process you know by the numbers. Yeah. You know at the end of day but it's also what makes you successful in terms of just the emotion.


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And just guiding that family through and whoever the seller is, it can be stressful. You know, like we talk about first time homebuyers all the time, but there's such a thing as first time home sellers, right? Yeah. And that's a that's a thing, you know, And people need they need that guidance. They need that help because I honestly think it's even more stressful, you know, for some of those folks, because they're just like, what do I have to do?


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I mean, I walked into a listing yesterday where we were actually doing a staging console. Yeah. And the wife was was nearly in tears because she just wasn't sure, like, what are we going to have to do to this thing, you know, to get it ready for the market? And what was so cool about that is, you know, I bring my stager in, I'm there, and we're just there to like to not only guide her, but, you know, really start to calm those emotions.


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Yeah. Because even though we went through the process and all that, that emotions can just overtake you. Yeah, it's really true. It's it's interesting how you're framing this because we do talk about the new home buyer, a buyer entering the market. And there are some there's some stressors there. It's just a struggle. It can be a high emotion, high stressful transaction wherever you are in that.


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Absolutely. In on the buy side, there's certainly guidance there and you're bringing that to the table for a new buyer. But this first time home seller or just sellers in general, particularly in today's market, it takes some real skill set, some real expertise to guide that seller to make the right decisions. You know, understand. And I think part of our job, too, at the end of the day is we are to absorb some of those stress, some of the things that happened to be that step down transformer, you know, take it in and then package it correctly, write to the seller just to make the right decisions.


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Give them that clarity, confidence and control. Right. Clarity, control and confidence. So yeah, I really think there is such a value add, particularly today's market, about what you bring to a seller in that transaction. Yeah, I mean the step down transformer is such a key,


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you know, concept that I keep in my mind as I'm going through the process with anyone because I think it's easy for any of us to react to emotion with emotion.


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Yeah. And if you're doing that, you're not doing you're not doing them and you're not doing your sellers or your buyers any favors. Right. And so like you said, absorbing that and then, you know, kind of repackaging that back to them so that they can just either better understand it or or even just realize Jacob's got this under control.


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That's right. Right. And then. Right. And that alone gives them so much more peace throughout this, even if it is still going to be somewhat stressful no matter what. But if they can just feel like, All right, I'm stressed, but I trust Jacob. He's got it. And, you know, let's just keep rolling with the punches here.


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That is the best, most successful dynamic that occurs in a successful real estate transaction.


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When your clients trust you, they know you have a process, you're absorbing that you're guiding them through. That's what makes it


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what makes it really successful and also enjoyable. Yeah, as a real estate agent and I can't tell you how many times I have to remind people like this can be enjoyable. Yeah, you actually can enjoy the buying or the selling process.


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It's possible, you know, But if if you don't know what's coming, if you've never gone through the process before or you don't have any kind of guidance in terms of what to expect, it's going to be stressful, you know, because you're you're dealing with surprise after surprise. And, you know, I think I think, you know, helping them understand at all is just so key to making that enjoyable.


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And not only enjoyable


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to your point, it's really this is a testament to why it really makes sense to have a true professional representing you when you're buying a home or when you're selling a home. It is a significant transaction. There is a lot of hair that can happen. There are pitfalls. Obviously, there's a lot of decisions to be made.


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It is significantly can impact your life. That's why we really believe you need a full time experienced agent that's committed to the game, committed to their knowledge, committed to their expertise. And that's what you bring to the table. Yeah. Yeah. It's you know, it's always interesting talking to especially sellers, you know, because they're interviewing realtors and buyers do as well.


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But, you know, on the seller side, I think they feel so much pressure and and there's just so many gimmicks these days, you know, I mean, I run into them all the time at the kitchen table, right where they're just like, well, this guy said, you know, he'd guarantee this or, you know, he'd bring this or, you know, she's going to do that.


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And, you know,


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I always have to just look him in the eye and say, like, you know, why? Why is that? You know, the the kind of center of of their offering. Yeah. Why is that? Right? And let me tell you what the center of my offering is. It's my process. It's making sure that we're going to do this the right way.


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I can't control what's going on out in the market. Neither can you. Yeah, right. So if we just do it the right way and that's the center of everything. Yeah, Good things are going to happen. That's right. Well, clearly good things are happening for you, Jacob. Good things are happening for your client. It's awesome to see what a successful year you're having.


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You're making club


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to make love ten this year, which is super admirable. You should be super proud of that. But I think


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what that means is exactly what you're talking about. You're bringing value and professional wisdom and a process to the table. And and people are seeing that feeling that the results are happening. You're being referred because of that, and it's resulting in the numbers that you're having, the production that you're having.


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It's a really successful year in and in a market with some headwinds. Right?


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But the the meaning of all that is the buyers and sellers and the clients that you're helping. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's, it's, I mean it's amazing when you go from somebody who is just like, I don't know if I can buy or sell in this market, like, am I crazy to even be talking to you?


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And when you go from that to the end point where they're just smiling ear to ear at the close.


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Table, just like I can't believe we did it. Yeah, you know, and. Yeah. To be able to do that. And like you said, in a market that it's not perfect. Yeah. You know, it's, there's a lot of things going on that are scaring folks. And so, yeah, like I said, it's just super gratifying to know that we, that I was able to, you know, help somebody through that that might have missed a shot at something great.


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Yeah. I think you that that makes me think about something. Yeah. We're in a changing market, a dynamic market, but there's always a market in the markets. Right. It really takes a professional to figure out, okay, you know, where are you at? What is your end goal? Is there actually


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something in this market that you can take advantage of?


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Yeah. And that will get you there. And when, you know, looking back in five years, you're glad you made the choice against the market or to sell or whatever that may be and you need it, you need a professional to kind of figure that out with you. That's a crazy thing, right? Is the market in the market concept?


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You know, that just really stuck out to me because, I mean, you may have a buyer who is buying a home that has been sitting on the market for four months. Right. And its price drop price drop, price drop, you know, and maybe you're hearing some of that on the news. Well, if you're thinking about selling, you're like, man, how can I possibly sell?


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Yeah, but then, you know, I've got a seller who's got multiple offers the first weekend. Yeah. In this market. Yeah. Right. And so it's just it's,


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it's, it's honestly it's like you can't get the message out enough that like, look, you're going to hear some things on the news. You're going to hear, you know, things from your friends who maybe aren't in the market, but they they think they know like until you meet with, like you said, an actual professional who's in this every day, you're not going to know about the market in the market.


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That's right. There's a lot of noise out there. You got to shuffle through the noise. You need to sit down with a professional, understand what's real and what what the real market dynamics are and where do you fit into those market dynamics as a buyer or seller? Absolutely. Yeah. Yep.


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Jacob It's been super awesome to connect with You hear about your expertise.


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Congrats on the great year you're having and you're on. Keep doing what you're doing the way I appreciate it. Yeah, yeah. Go

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