The Best ROI Home Improvements for Your Home

The Best ROI Home Improvements for Your Home

If you plan to sell your home soon or in the future, you want to be sure that any changes you make enhance your home’s value. After all, you can build equity when your home’s value rises!
Capitalizing on home improvements becomes even more important when you live in a highly sought-after place like Colorado. Colorado is one of the fastest-growing states, with a population growth rate of 15% since 2010. In a competitive market, an updated home with strong curb appeal and trending interior updates can stand out from the competition.
Keep reading to discover which projects you should tackle to help your home’s value increase.

Enhance your kitchen

The kitchen is the primary gathering point in most homes, so it makes sense that buyers will be expecting your kitchen to reflect the latest updates. Small, cavernous kitchens with dated materials and appliances can be red flags when someone is house hunting. A lackluster space also may communicate that you have not taken great care of your property.
Boost your home’s appeal with a kitchen remodel. Double sinks, new backsplashes, induction cooktops, and custom cabinets are among the most coveted upgrades. Invest in a quartz kitchen island that can provide prep surfaces while serving as an attractive visual anchor for the space. If possible, carve out space for a walk-in pantry to reduce cluttered cabinets and countertops. And make light a priority, too. The windows above the sink can capitalize on Colorado’s mountain views and ample sunshine. Recessed or pendant lights are other attractive ways to create an inviting ambiance.

Consider a bathroom refresh

Fresh bathrooms always are an attractive feature for homebuyers. Rainfall showers with bench seating, new wall tiles, and high-end finishes can elevate a bathroom into a spa experience. Consider muted, soft colors and natural materials like concrete and unstained wood to set a peaceful mood. Alternatively, herringbone or basketweave floors can add a burst of pattern and color to cleaner white spaces.
While the median cost for a bathroom update is $13,500, more modest updates can yield a high-impact result. New door pulls, towel racks, and vanity mirrors are inexpensive ways to modify your bathroom. Similarly, consider painting cabinets and walls for minor investments that can yield a significant cosmetic upgrade. Simple cosmetic changes can keep your bathroom on trend.

Upgrade your windows

Stubborn, old windows with rotting frames will do nothing to help your home’s curb appeal. Even worse, windows with broken seals and inefficient construction will let in cold air during the winter months. They also will not keep the UV rays and heat at bay when the thermometer rises in the summer. Get the best return on investment for your home improvement projects by swapping out aging windows. Upgrading your windows can help decrease your utility bills and impress future homebuyers.
New windows feature the latest advancements, including better glazing that prevents UV rays from fading furniture and artwork. You also can expect better sound insulation and tighter seals that prevent interior condensation. Choose awning or casement windows to improve airflow in stuffy spaces, or go with double-hung windows wrapped in handsome frames for an enduring choice. As a Colorado homeowner, you can take advantage of the natural or wildlife views with picture windows. Though you cannot open these windows, their uninterrupted expanses of glass are ideal for framing the scenery outside your home.

Improve your landscaping

Better landscaping can work wonders for your home’s curb appeal. Make your home's exterior a priority for another excellent return on your investment. Planting shrubs or bushes along your home’s foundation can create warmth and introduce texture. Add flower beds or planter boxes with cold-hardy plants to break up large expanses of grass or generate splashes of color around a patio.
Work with an arborist to keep your trees properly pruned and healthy. Remove sick or dead trees that detract from your landscaping. Likewise, cut back any vegetation that encroaches on your home or looks overgrown. Plant evergreens to create natural privacy barriers and other trees that can help your property feel lush and attractive.

Build a deck or patio

If your home already has a deck or patio, investing in its upkeep should be one of your top priorities. Even with modest updates that total as little as $1,000, you can enhance your home’s resale value. Updates may include restaining a deck or repairing patio or retaining wall cracks. Ambient lighting, area rugs, and trellises are other ways you can improve your existing space.
If you start from scratch, know that the upfront investment is worthwhile. Homeowners love having outdoor living spaces to host parties or decompress. Adding a new wood deck could cost over $14,000, depending on the size, while a more modest concrete patio will cost substantially less. Work with a reputable contractor to create a design scaled to your home while providing easy indoor access. Look into woods like teak or composite materials to gain the most durability.
For situations where a patio makes more sense, consider materials like slate, sandstone, or clay bricks to infuse your outdoor living space with style. A skilled landscape designer can help you choose the best hardscaping options to complement your home. Even better, they can work with you to select plants that will complement your outdoor space’s design and stand up to the elements.

Boost your property value

Investing in home improvement projects needs to be a priority if you want your home’s value to increase. You do not need to overhaul every room in your house but instead make selective improvements. Working with local real estate agents can help you stay informed about the most in-demand updates Colorado homebuyers want.

The realtors at 8z Real Estate have the local market knowledge and experience to help you determine how to position your home for increased valuation. Whether you plan to sell your home now or later, it always is advisable to consult a trusted local agent for home improvement advice. Contact a realtor at 8z Real Estate with any questions before you begin a project.

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