8z Listing Concierge

Repay the Money Spent At The Time of Closing.

Home Improvements, Handled

8z Listing Concierge covers the cost of your pre-sale home improvements with zero up-front expenses and zero interest.


Repay the money spent at the time of closing. Even better, with our Listing Concierge, you can forget the hassle of prepping your home for sale. 8z Listing Concierge recommends improvements, manages repairs, and organizes staging services to get your home sold faster – and for top dollar.


Concierge Provides:

  • Funds up-front to cover your home repair and maintenance costs
  • For a small convenience fee, your 8z agent will manage vendors on your behalf
  • Approved budgets up to $20K

Homes Staged Correctly Typically Increase Their Dollar Value by Up to 10% Over List Price, According to NAR.

Allow 8z Listing Concierge to take to the lead on assessing and managing home improvements with our team of qualified contractors – from painting and landscaping to cleaning and staging. Services are carefully overseen and signed off on by your agent, all for a small fee wrapped into your closing costs.

Work With Us

Let 8z handle all of your home buying and selling needs. Our agents provide clarity, control and confidence throughout the real estate process and are with you every step of the way.