Congratulations to Our New 8z Partners!

The term ‘partner’ is not one you hear often in the world of real estate brokerages. Typically, agents work under a managing broker, and operate ‘as their own business,’ meaning they are not technically employees and therefore do not receive typical employee benefits that you see at a regular company.

However, 8z is different. Lane Hornung, our CEO and Founder wanted to develop a program to give back to, and honor, high-performing agents that have directly contributed to the growth of 8z.

“Our Partners Program was developed to support 8zers in furthering their leadership, ultimately impacting the organization’s longevity. We also wanted to reward those individuals with benefits unheard of in real estate – many specifically address some ‘brokens’ in the industry for Realtors:

  • No “REAL” Healthcare Options for Agents
  • No Retirement Programs
  • No Succession Program to Monetize Your Business
  • No Reward for Agents Who Have Worked to Build a Brokerage’s Success

This year at 8z’s Annual 2021 Conference, three of our agents were named 8z Partners. A huge congratulations to Natalie Hengel, Luke Corbitt, and Cameron Loucks!

These three are well-deserving of this unique recognition. They serve as outstanding leaders and agents with 8z, but also as shining examples of professionalism for all agents – internal and external.


January 30, 2021

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