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With more than 66,000 residents, Castle Rock continues to value its small-town character with a traditional downtown core and regular community events. It is named for the distinctive, fortress-shaped butte visible near the middle of town. Within the community there are more than 50 miles of trails, 19 parks and 5,400 acres of open space for residents and visitors to use and enjoy. You’ll find activities for all ages all year round in this charming city, which is located about halfway between downtown Denver and Colorado Springs.

Castle Rock Community and Neighborhoods

Castle Rock is comprised primarily of suburban areas surrounding the downtown. Urban housing is now growing in the historic downtown core, as well as the newly developed Meadows Town Center on the northwest corner of town. Castle Rock’s close-in historic neighborhoods like Craig & Gould and Castle Rock Heights are walkable to downtown. The housing immediately around the Meadows Town Center also provides a growing number of walkable amenities. Expand this to a short bike ride, and the Plum Creek Trail system which runs under I-25 makes it possible to bike from most places in town to others. While not an urban city, Castle Rock has a developing restaurant scene, a bunch of craft breweries, and a wine bar centered in the downtown and Meadows Town Center. Major new build developments are occurring to the west/northwest in The Meadow, to the east in Terrain, and to the south in Crystal Valley Ranch. The Castle Pines Village neighborhood is highly desirable for buyers looking for luxury living in a gated community, with a golf course built in a densely wooded area.

Castle Rock Neighborhood Map

Castle Rock Neighborhood Map Castle Rock Neighborhoods Santa Fe Dr I-25 S Lake Gulch Rd N Crowfoot Valley Rd Founders Pkwy Meadows Pkwy Plum Creek Pkwy Wolfensberger Rd CastlePines TheMeadows RedHawk CastleMesa CrystalValleyRanch DawsonRidge BellMountain SellersCreek StoneCanyonRanch KeeneRanch TwinOaks PlumCreek HaystackAcres Mennen/Glovers CastleRidgeEast CastleOaks FoundersVillage WillowCreek BluffsatCastlePointe CastlewoodRanch CobblestoneRanch Woodlands HistoricCastle Rock/Craig & Gould MonteVistaEstates CastleHighlands MetzlerRanch HiddenPointe SurreyRidge SilverHeights PinonSoleil BrookWood TimberCanyon HappyCanyon Sapphire Pointe/Puma Ridge DiamondRidge CastlePines North Scott II Escavera Castle Crest

Moving to Castle Rock

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