8z Denver Art District Office is Now Open

8z Real Estate is excited to announce the opening of the 8z Denver Art District Office. The new office is located within the heart of the Denver Art District at 1123 Santa Fe Drive.

“We’re excited to move into this new space, and see how it will allow our team to grow,” said team leader, Jose Pepe Aragon. The 8z Denver Art District office replaces his former office which was known as 8z Golden Triangle Denver. The new office provides 500 additional square feet of office space which will allow additional room for the growing team of residential Realtors. The office space underwent extensive remodeling to update the space, while keeping the integrity and several design elements of the old building.

The 8z Denver Art District team will be holding an open house on Friday September 4th, to coincide with the monthly Denver Art Walk, which the neighborhood is known best for. The open house will start at 5pm, and will be an opportunity for neighbors and local business owners to meet the 8z Denver Art District team, and tour the remodeled office space.

“The 8z Denver Art District team has a lot of Realtors new to the business, who bring excitement and a new perspective to real estate. They’re empowered by the systems, training, and mentorship provided by 8z, and it’s great to see that combination empowering their home buyers and sellers within our community,” said Aragon.

The 8z Denver Art District team is a unique group of six Realtors specializing within communities in Denver. All five team members are bilingual Spanish speakers, allowing them to provide not only the level of customer service that 8z clients have learned to trust, but also to clearly explain real estate to all of their home buyers and sellers.

The 8z Denver Art District team expects to add up to four additional team members in the next year. As Aragon explained, “The training available at 8z can support a Realtor to begin their career in real estate, but we’re looking for something else too – a professional and member of the community who is passionate about where they live, and who maintains 8z’s clients first ethos.”


August 27, 2015

Contact Email: pr@8z.com

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